‘In this field, life can be in a crucial stage, and we must handle it with complete maturity and serenity.’ì

Even though the word “CEE” only has three letters, I will always remember the lesson those three letters taught me. It helped me understand the value of constancy and how important hard work is to achieving our goals. It made me realize how challenging it is to triumph in the game of life. When we were in school, going without studying for 15 or more months did not make us realize anything, but now, even an hour without studying can make us realize a lot.

I’m not sure if I’ll be successful or not. However, have learned some valuable life skills, such as how we should study and the importance for consistency in all work.

We have dreams about a field where you are asked, “Are you a fresher or a dropper?” This question reveals that there is rivalry in this sector and that falls are frequent in this field. According to the “survival of the fittest” theory put out by Charles Darwin, those who lack fitness will be eliminated. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to survive or be eliminated.

We are daydreaming about that field where day and night are meaningless. Don’t check to see whether it’s day or night if this field is in your dreams  Continue to give your all. We often daydream of working in a field where decisions must be made quickly and someone’s life could be lost if we take the incorrect action. In this field, life can be in a crucial stage, and we must handle it with complete maturity and serenity. Sometimes the patient’s family will criticize you for failing to save them.

I learned the lesson that we should maintain our composure throughout. Simply close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth if you’re having a bad day. You’ll undoubtedly feel much better after that.
Happy preparing!

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