In the darkness,
not less than yesterday,
I searched for a candlelight,
only to pray.

Unaware if they’re seeing it or not,
don’t know if they’ll care or judge.
In the voyage of absence of sight,
To pray is why with the darkness I fight.

When it defied the fastest thing,
far from myths as I started to think,
maybe I was the one closing my eyes.
Same emptiness when I blinked,
made me think I lost my mind.

But the walls, the floor I’d built once
kept me moving during that big freeze of time.

My legs met the clutter I used to bear,
causing me pain just because I once cared.
I tried and searched everywhere,
although I couldn’t see.

The feeling I felt after finding the candles,
was better than that if I had just let it be.
I don’t know what kind of fate it is,
one has to get burned just to light up the other.
For it can’t even serve properly before dying,
and the god demands the need of another.

Amen! as the match lit the candle,
The time started to thaw,
They blamed me for availing god,
But I was unaware of what they saw.

All I wanted and wished for
was for the lights to not die,
so that I don’t have to close my eyes again,
and pretend that I had once tried.


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