“One of the nicest things I have ever done was attending my first MUN (Model United Nations) conference, which was held by Nepal MUN”-Jeson Dangol

One of the nicest things I have ever done was attending my first MUN (Model United Nations) conference, which was held by Nepal MUN. It was a three-day session that I thoroughly liked. On my first day at MUN, I had absolutely no prior understanding of the organization. I was quite hesitant on the first day. Even though I was still thinking, “Oh sh*t, why did I attend MUN? I want my money back,” it was all worthwhile in the end.

I barely had a little speech written for the first day. When I got there, there were several guest lecturers present. After hearing them out, we departed for our community meeting. The first day was entirely about observation for me. I served as the representative for South Africa. The live music performance that took place after the first day’s community session was much appreciated by me. Together with my friends, I went there and we danced and sang. Wait! Have I mentioned the amazing pals I made?

The following two days were more exciting and delightful than the first. I enthusiastically anticipated the second day and proposed the motion “Abortion should be permitted,” which was a hot subject among UN women. We held our debates on the second day despite the fact that several nations were against abortion. I formed a partnership with the representative of Luxembourg, and together we advocated for abortion legalization. Yes, the argument took center stage on the second day. I was most anxious about the prom night that was held at the end of the second day. I asked a friend I met to go to prom, and she agreed. We had a wonderful time together.

The third day, which was approaching, was the one I dread the most since it means saying goodbye to my fellow delegates and the relationships I made there. I have no idea when we will cross paths again, but it is certain that we will. On the third day, we didn’t have much time for the community session because we were working on our working papers and resolutions on “legalizing abortion.” We succeeded in persuading some nations to do so, but Venezuela stood out because it refused to do so despite my efforts and those of my fellow delegates. So, yes, that wraps up our last community meeting. Oh! I guess I forgot to include the motion of entertainment. Okay, MUN isn’t only about resolutions and arguing; it’s also about having a good time. We frequently had entertainment provided, and it was so amusing that I am at a loss for words to describe how funny it could get.

MUN’s most anticipated section had finally arrived. It was finally time for the award ceremony, hurrah! For each community, three awards were given out. I first didn’t think I would be recognized, therefore it was unexpected when I was chosen as the outstanding delegate. I was ecstatic! We went clubbing after the awards ceremony and danced there. I said my buddies farewell in the late hours of the night and drove home.  Overall, the experience was excellent, and I would encourage others to take part in MUNs to enhance their personalities and public speaking skills. And in fact, this signaled the end of the extraordinary three-day MUN event.And indeed, this marked the conclusion of the remarkable three-day MUN event.

-Jeson Dangol

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