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    Women Empowerment

    First of all, empowering women and girls means giving them the power to make their own decisions and elevate their standard of living.Women have endured more suffering since the beginning of time.For no justifiable reason, they have endured years of abuse.Even in this modern era, nothing is getting better.Women’s empowerment is a beacon of hope that will help them reach their rightful position.Their resolve will be strengthened.The government has launched a few programs to empower…

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    Essay on: Discipline

    Each person maintains control through discipline. It encourages someone to advance in life and succeed. Every person practices discipline in their lives in a different way. In addition, each person has his own potential for discipline. Some people view it as a part of their lives, while others do not. It is the available guidance that points a person in the right direction. A Additionally, it makes a person’s life perfect by educating and training…

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    In the darkness,not less than yesterday,I searched for a candlelight,only to pray.Unaware if they’re seeing it or not,don’t know if they’ll care or judge.In the voyage of absence of sight,To pray is why with the darkness I fight.When it defied the fastest thing,far from myths as I started to think,maybe I was the one closing my eyes.Same emptiness when I blinked,made me think I lost my mind.But the walls, the floor I’d built oncekept me…

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